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What type of sign do I need?
The common types of signs include: Awnings, 3D Letter Signs, Push Through Letter Signs, Channel Letter Signs, Car Wraps & Graphics, Sign Cabinets (Fascia Signs), Illuminated Poster Frames, Pylon Signs, Store Signs, Banner Signs, Large Format Window Graphics, Projecting (Blade) Signs, Sandwich Board Signs, Metal A-Frames, LED Neon Signs and they can all come in all shapes and sizes. You can use the interactive picture above or please contact us and our sales team can assist you with your needs.

What kind of services do you offer?
We offer all aspects of the signage production process this may include the initial mock up design, the sign permit processing, the sign manufacturing process right to the final installation at your desired location. We can also print large format graphics for windows and walls applications.

Why should I buy a sign from you?
We are one of Vancouver’s oldest sign companies operating since 1995. In addition, all our products go through rigorous testing and inspection and are UL/CSA (Underwriters Laboratory / Canada Standards Association) certified.

What type of equipment do you work with?
Our production facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment such as computerized CNC routers, vinyl plotters, laminators, channel letter routers, welding stations, and sandblasting machines.

What type of materials do you work with?
Most signs are built using the industry standard materials including sheet metal, aluminum, corrugated plastic, PVC, wood, stainless steel, vinyl, paper, and plexiglass.


How long will it take to make my sign?

Building a sign is dependent on a variety of factors such as the availability of a production ready file, whether city permits are required and if the materials needed for production are stocked. As we have our own in-house production facility, we are able to manufacture signs at a fairly quick turnaround time. Please note that getting permits processed through the designated city department can sometimes lead to a delay in production times which we have no control over. Sign production cannot start until the city hall has issued the permit. We advise customers to begin the sign permit process during the renovations or during the building permit application as the process can take 4-8 weeks.

What kind of LED’s do you use?
We use of CE-certified and ROHS-compliant LED’s that are made to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Who are your suppliers?
For privacy reasons we cannot list the names of our suppliers but feel free to drop by at our offices and we can show you who we work with to build you your perfect sign.


Do I need a permit for my sign?
Not all signs require a city-approved permit. For example, interior signs (within the building or unit) do not require a sign permit unless you are operating within a mall. Almost all exterior signs require a sign permit as they are facing city property and different regions have different bylaws governing them.

How long do I need to wait for a sign permit to be issued?
All city permits are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. So a new sign permit will be dependent on the queue time of each city. For example, the City of Vancouver has an approximately 4 to 8 weeks wait time from when the application is handed in until the permit is issued.

What are the fees for a permit?
Each city will charge a different amount for each application. The cost is tentatively based on the weight and size of the sign.

How will I know if I need the structural engineer’s seal for my project?
The city will request for engineering if necessary and the pricing will depend on the type of project. Most awnings (new) and any fascia sign/projecting sign over a certain weight & size will need structural engineering.

What do I get with the structural engineer’s services?
You will receive the engineer’s seal on our permit ready drawings, the schedule B, the engineer’s insurance, and the Schedule C-B (for the final inspection). All original documents need to be given to the city and a pdf copy can be requested.

Can you apply for the permit for me?
Yes, we can help apply for the sign permit for you. We can help arrange for a structural engineer as well as an electrician to apply for an electrical permit (if necessary). There will be a permit processing fee as well as a fee for shop drawings on top of what the city will charge for the application. All other fees such as the electrical permit and engineering will be charged back to you as well upon completion of the project.


How long does installation take?
Installation depends on a number of factors. These include but are not limited to the weather, the availability of our installation crew and the install location of the sign. For signs that are above the second floor or that are larger and heavier than the standard size, we may have to outsource installation to our partner installation company. This may or may not result in a slight delay in the installation date which we will inform you of beforehand. For all other signs, we aim to install them as soon as possible and at your convenience.

Do I need to be around during installation?
For us to provide the most accurate installation service, we would recommend that you be present during installation so our crew can perform their duties diligently. A member of our sales team will also be present during the installation as well.